Seth Feroce talks: Steroids, Drugs, and Life Part 3

OK, This is Purely Educational.

No more beating around the bush.
The Cookie Recipe, has been what everyone wants. So here is how I map out how to build a Protocol for gear with some dosages. As well as, Day to Day, Week to Week Food and Training Protocol. And also How I have tracked it all Via my Notebooks and Progress Pictures.
Document, Document, Document. That is the best way to do it all.

My Goal with all of my videos is to help you become better. Help you progress in your life. Help you become the best you possible so that everyone in your life benefits from you being the best you. That can sound cheesy and cliche but if you are in the dumps, everyone around you feels it, everyone is affected by you. So again My Goal, is to shed light on the shit no one likes to talk about because that is the Meat and Potatoes of Life. And Those Subjects are the Ones that Mold Your Character and Make you You!

So Watch, Enjoy, Comment and Get to Work!