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Today I want to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Poshmark vs. thredUP – two companies that I use regularly to sell or donate my clothing. Poshmark is unique in that the main target audience is not necessarily looking for the best deal than say a marketplace like eBay. Additionally, ListPerfectly had a lot of markets available, which was great. I eventually dropped Poshmark because it wasn't worth my time and effort. Cons: It launched in Japan in 2013 and in the US the following year. Last Updated on February 19, 2020 by The Budget Diet Team We are a reader supported blog and this page may contain affiliate links. stick with poshmark or mercari or ebay. You’ll find the quality of listings is slightly lower (a lot of sellers on Depop post only one or two photos, don’t list the brand or original price, and have vague descriptions of items). Consigning and reselling are great ways to earn some extra cash as a side income — or pay for that next shopping spree. It’s different for everyone. The marketplace made by women, for women. Whatever you're shopping for, we've got it. Discussion. The seller portal can often get cluttered with unnecessary notifications, it’s difficult to navigate to active offers, and sometimes the app crashes. Poshmark, on the other hand, requires that the buyer pays for shipping & handing at $6.49. If you sell an item for $7, despite the buyer paying $13.79 including shipping, you’ll only receive $4.05. Poshmark has more than 25 million items for sale from 5,000 brands at any given time. In essence, both services are great in their respective categories. 311 in terms of overall advertising spending, according to ISpot.TV. At Tradesy, we get you — because we were built by women just like you. Tradesy selects the price for you and charges a flat price or fee depending on the sales price. I live in the South of Spain. Annette says. Depop vs. Poshmark at a Glance. Latest Question. How does Poshmark compare to Tradesy? Let’s do the math. But that dried up. Which looks awesome. Poshmark ... Tradesy: This seller-friendly platform offers help setting up your listing and charges slightly less in commissions than Poshmark. Depop are both peer-to-peer social shopping apps with a focus on reselling clothing and accessories. Almost overwhelming. On Poshmark, for sales under $15, the company keeps a flat rate of $2.95. We navigate and decode the differences in into the seven re-commerce apps–Depop, Grailed, Poshmark, The Real Real, Vestiaire Collective, Tradesy and ThredUp– changing online resale. They remove the background from your photos to highlight the item you're selling. It’s easier than ever to send your old clothes, shoes and accessories to online consignment stores or resale sites like ThredUP, Poshmark, Tradesy or SnobSwap and make money on the gently used items cluttering your closet. While the platforms are a bit different than what you might be used to on Amazon, for example, there is ample opportunity to make money. As an ecommerce seller, did you know you can list inventory on consignment marketplaces like Tradesy, Poshmark and Mercari? Seriously, it’s 10% vs. Poshmark’s 20%. The Poshmark vs. ThredUP square off is a tie. I use to buy from Poshmark, I bought more than 50 items in fact, but was turned off by the lack of professionality -and sometimes ethics!- of both sellers and buyers. Poshmark has the highest commission of all the sites and apps I use. At the very least, I thought they must have a good computer team that really has the Google algorithms down to get their stuff turning up in my web searches. Your earnings are $16.18. I was on Vinted from about 2014-2016. Leaving out materialwrld, I have an online presence on all others (or at least I have tried them out). ... TRADESY. In that Poshmark is the leader, running 14,872 spots in the last 30 days and ranking No. PM takes $2.95 on all sales of $15 or below and 20% on all sales above $15. Postmark charges a flat $2.95 for items less than $15. The app offers one of the lowest seller fees in the market. For buying, I occasionally use Tradesy, but the items I want (mostly J Crew) are much cheaper on ebay. On Tradesy, for items sold for less than $50, you’ll have to pay a fee of $7.50 per item. Poshmark is shadier then eBay. 01/05/2016 at 9:25 am. Poshmark fees is typically on the heavier side when compared to competitors like Depop and Mercari. Um, no. This platform is only available to users in the US and hosts listings in women’s, men’s, kids’ clothing as well as shoes, bags, jewelry, accessories, and makeup. Poshmark Favors the Buyer vs Seller. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to deciding if thredUP or Poshmark is the best route for getting rid of unwanted clothes. Best Online Thrift Stores & Consignment Websites: Swap vs ThredUp vs Poshmark vs Tradesy vs RealReal & More You can list your authentic, designer clothing, bags, shoes and accessories on Tradesy within 60 seconds directly through its app. When you list an item on Poshmark or Tradesy, the website handles the transaction — for a fee. Like a consignment store you get more value when you keep the money as credit to spend on the site as opposed to withdrawing it. Its presence, along with Poshmark, indicate sellers are embracing the simplicity of selling through mobile apps, a warning for more established marketplaces. Snap a few photos of the item, fill in the description, and set the price. Pros: Tradesy was the first online selling site I used and I genuinely like the site. Blue Mountain Belle says. Anybody have recent experience selling women's clothing on Poshmark, Tradesy or similar site? I would attribute it to shopping online at a retail website of a designer brand but the shopping experience is a little more user driven as compared to Like Twice. Poshmark has been the most consistent for me (until this past fall). Anonymous PissedConsumer1140758 Apr 07, 2016 #1140758 @PissedConsumer1046727. Say you sell something on Poshmark for $20, they take 20% and send you a shipping label, so your total earnings are $16. Poshmark wins in shipping & handling. Reply 0 3. Too many teenagers wanting large name brand items for $10 plus mailed first class. Target Audience. Tradesy: This shopping relm is possibly the closest to Poshmark as far as shopping experiences go. The seller gets a bigger cut (90% of sale vs. Poshmark’s 80%), but getting discovered on the platform is a little more difficult.

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