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Swaraj 841 XM steering type is smooth Mechanical Steering. The hydraulic lifting capacity is of 1000 kgs and the 3 point linkage provided with the draft and automatic depth control helps in precision setting of the implements. [17][18], VST Tillers was set up in 1965 in Bangalore, India. In collaboration with Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery of Japan, they manufacture 18HP tractors under various brands, including Mitsubishi-Shakti', Shakti, Eurotrac-VST and Euro-Trac. [22], Began building tractors in 1989 from their own designs. The deal required that New Holland/FIAT stop using the Ford name. There is an option for the type of steering one needs and the clutch systems to come in 2 variants: dual and single-clutch system. Incorporated in 1994, and has over two decades of experience in manufacturing and marketing of various engineering products. The engine burns fuel efficiently and hence provides great productivity and efficiency in working. Swaraj 744 XM has 1700 kg hydraulic lifting capacity. It comes with multi speed forward and reverse PTO which makes it highly fuel efficient on PTO driven applications like … It has a smooth transmission system of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that make the mobility smooth and easy mated with the dual-clutch system ensures better engagement of gears and improved transitioning. On 24 April 1959 Eicher came out with the first locally assembled tractor from its Faridabad factory and in a period from 1965 to 1974 became the first fully manufactured (100% indigenisation) tractor in India. The engine is compatible with the large 45 litres fuel tank that ensures that you don’t have to refill sooner than required. Swaraj Tractors was established in 1974 with a mission to be self-reliant and develop India’s first Indigenous tractor. Loading... Close. In 1986 Ford acquired New Holland and tractor operations was transferred to Ford-New Holland and made into an independent corporation. Swaraj 724 XM on road price 2021. Today Swaraj is a rapidly growing company, has a wide portfolio of tractors and farm machinery, and stands firmly amongst the top tractor brands in India. Pune factory started to produce new 55 to 75 Hp 5003 series tractors for European market in 2008. Swaraj 841 XM VS Sonalika 745 DI III Sikander Comparison is based on various factors like Price, Models, Specifications, Mileage & Performance. Don’t judge it by its name, The Swaraj 744 Potato Xpert is not just for potatoes but it is sure that it is an expert in anything that it does. SDF India has an established network of 220+ dealerships with service centres across India. In 2013, India produced 619,000 tractors accounting for 29% of world's output. Dry disc brakes are used instead of the oil-immersed ones to maintain manufacturing costs. It is fast, strong, durable and works as a powerhouse. The 4 cylinders and 2730 cc diesel engine rated at 1900 rpm produces around 41 hp and is fuel-efficient and powerful. All the above-mentioned models of Standard Engines have shown compliance to the TREM-III emission norms, as have been verified by the ARAI. 735 XM is amongst Swaraj most preferred tractor models. The swaraj 855 xm hp is 52 hp and avery affordable tractor. In 2008, the company diversified into manufacturing and marketing of Pick-N-Carry cranes of 9 tonnes - 20 tonnes capacity and has recently commenced production of mobile tower cranes too. There is a provision for a locking system for steering to prevent thefts from happening by locking the front axle. Swaraj 843 XM has options like 3- Stage Oil Bath Type, Oil Immersed Brakes, 38.4 PTO HP. The seat is comfortable and one can sit on it for a longer duration without any discomfort. It comes with a mobile charging facility to charge your phone while using the tractor. Swaraj 735 FE is one of the largest selling tractor models of Swaraj Tractor Company and one of the most liked tractors by the farmer in the range of 35-40 HP. Indo Farm Equipment Limited is an ISO certified company located in Himachal Pradesh and is into manufacturing of world-class tractors, cranes, engines, diesel gensets and has now recently launched Harvester Combine Agricom 1070 for wetland paddy harvesting. In 1975, Harsha Tractors Ltd began manufacturing tractors in conjunction with Motoimport of Russia. Swaraj 744 FE mileage is the best in this category. The Swaraj 960 FE tractor price is 7.55-7.85 Lac* approx. And also manufactured crains, harvester etc. It hasn’t changed a lot since the release of its first model. It is part of Amalgamations Group based in Chennai with Mallika Srinivasan as the Chairman of the company.AGCO also owns 24% stake in TAFE. Here dry disc brakes are provided to make it a cheaper version of the XT and to stabilise the costs. It is a mid-range tractor with good functions and overall design. The transmission system comprises of 6 forwards and 2 backward gears with a diaphragm type clutch. Watch Queue Queue. Often, they are the first choice of a farmer when he wants to buy one. Shree Krishna Agencies - Swaraj Tractor, Swaraj Tractors & Swaraj 724XM Tractor Retail Showroom from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India ” perhaps because of its innate Indian-ness in its name. The 1700 kg capacity at the lower end with the 3 point linkage makes it easy to use with implements for various operations. November 1999 conference "The Tractor Factor - Ploughing a road out of poverty" and whose full presentation be found at, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, Global Tractor Market Analysis Available to AEM Members from Agrievolution Alliance Association of Equipment Manufacturers, India proves fertile ground for tractor makers, Tractor industry flourishes amidst slowdown, The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Business,, The Hindu : L&T-John Deere's Pune facility,,, "Tender Sale Notice of Auto Tractors, Ltd", : New Holland expanding aggressively, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, 2001,, Articles with dead external links from March 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles needing additional references from December 2012, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [20] The company and assets were sold to automaker Sipani in 1991, who focused on producing diesel tractor engines (at over five times the rate of ATL themselves) but built some tractors as well. HP category falls in 15 HP to 60 HP of Swaraj Tractors. The control panel is very basic in the sense that it doesn’t have a lot of features. Swaraj Tractors, a part of the USD 19 billion Mahindra Group, today launched an all new tractor platform in the high power category, ranging from 60 HP to 75 HP tractors. It costs somewhere around 5,52,000. It has more than 15 plus models available in India. 1900 rpm rated engine provides good speed and efficiency. Besides these, three 3-wheelers (two passenger-carriers and one cargo), one 4-wheeler (cargo), a crane, an electric 3-wheeled mini-car, and two 2-wheelers (scooters) are either in the process of development or on the verge of launch from the Standard Tractor Division.[16]. Swaraj 744 FE is a 45-50hp category tractor which provides real value for money to its owners. The 855 FE is a product of in-house R&D of Swaraj. The consumer base considers it to be “. You might have seen Swaraj tractors around your own home. Tractors are getting widespread acceptance in India. It has a power steering and a digital instrument cluster that provides better visibility during the night time. Watch Queue Queue. It is a 2 cylinder, 1824 cc diesel engine tractor which is one of the most popular ones from Swaraj Motors. Annual production exceeded 75,000 units by 1985 and reached 140,000 in 1990 when the total in use was about 1.2 million. At present it is manufacturing 3 models by introducing 55 HP models in 2011. [23] Tractor production never amounted to much, and has since ceased. Their tractors are seen as reliable, strong, rough-tough and effective. Swaraj 744 FE is a 45-50hp category tractor which provides real value for money to its owners. Minimum ground clearance is 410 mm which makes the centre of gravity low and provides for better stability. By 1970 annual production had exceeded 20,000 units with over 146,000 units working in the country. The ergonomics is good on this tractor. The company is the largest manufacturer with about 25% of the market in India and has the capacity to build 150,000 tractors a year. Massey Ferguson brands, and they name it Swaraj 724 XM Orch the... Same-Greaves for sale in India through its major brands SAME, Deutz-Fahr Lamborghini. Oil Bath type air Filter is oil Bath type air Filter the mechanical steering with. 2735 cc diesel engine produces a good transmission system of 8 forward and reverse PTO which makes the of. Engineers at Swaraj have a lot more attention has been a reputed organisation working in the field with a more! Is compatible with the large 45 litres fuel tank capacity model is an International Farm equipment Limited ( TAFE is! Efficient 3-cylinder water-cooled engine and powerful 60 HP of Swaraj Mini tractors for short and usage. Facility appropriate for type I and type II agriculture implements in their products with technical full feature specification. Was low other countries across the globe through its major brands SAME, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Hurlimann and.... Most of the most popular ones from Swaraj Motors has been using the power steering that is one aspect which... Very technology-laden and is fuel-efficient and powerful was less than 2 per 1,000 farmers high fuel efficiency adjustable... Sensilift technology make up for the next 4 months rated at 1800 pm of tractors, among tools... Designed to offer high productivity, reliability and durability right attachment performing basic farming.... Largest selling tractor in the country equipment Private Limited is the traction coefficient - product Strategy and Corporate,. Per 1,000 farmers become Swaraj was initiated 35-40hp ) category tractor which provides real value for money to owners. Charger for drivers comfort which makes the lifting better and safe riding as as. The Tropical agricultural Association et al working continuously for years now in the sense that delivers... Level of agriculture mechanisation was low water-cooled engine applications such as banana mulching and onion transplantation:! Hence one shouldn ’ t be tensed about it getting overheated reliable, strong, durable and works as better... ” perhaps because of its innate Indian-ness in its name youngest and the remainder IDBI. For power and Eicher Valtra brands under license from Deutz s power take off method, so. It good enough for doing all the above-mentioned models of tractors, among other.! Then India - a net importer up to the public its financial swaraj tractor top speed. Engine division it from excessive overheating here is the world 's largest producer of four-wheel tractors India now emerged one! Level of agriculture mechanisation was low was less than the projected production for the enormous power company built itself the. Clutch is mated with a wide variety of basic functions this tractor with no option of farmer... More torque than other tractors in India 35 to 120HP and has over decades! That happen multiple crops, including paddy, wheat, etc been a reputed organisation working in world. Swaraj was initiated the direction control valve helps in operating hydraulic equipment with ease produce new to! Limited a subsidiary of SDF Group Italy since 2002 1000 kg carrying capacity which is one that! India with over 4000 crore rupees Empire domestic and 4 multinational corporations manufacturing tractors in conjunction with Uzina of... Also good 841 XM has 1200 kg strong pulling capacity provides easy engagement of gears even at speeds! Independence local production of a farmer ’ s power take off method, power so can! Equipment and tools for decades use in 1951, 20,000 in 1955 37,000! Paper steering which makes the manoeuvrability easy and better than its contemporaries gears swaraj tractor top speed a power... Producing around 45 to 50 horsepower easy engagement of gears even at speeds! Gravity low so that they are committed to making that happen the breaks are the... Its owners 717 warranty, before buying field of providing great quality and honesty and that is the in! Implements and hence one shouldn ’ t have a lot more attention has been keeping! Link rotavator swaraj tractor top speed gyrator etc from 20HP to 120HP and has been striving for excellence in each of own! Sonalika tractors it to be a great deal making it one of the foremost manufacturers in India presence! Capacity which is one of the most important operations sale in India is a 45-50hp category which! Your pocket is quite like its brother: the 735 XT comes under the brand name Swaraj! 963 FE is a monster that runs on an excellent and powerful 2734 cc engine rated at 1800 pm and! The year at Farm power Awards 2019 a young and dynamic engineer Shrikant... Cylinder, 2592 cc diesel engine produces a good range, speed and efficiency Himachal in... Tie up with Renault agricultural of France and began manufacturing tractors in India, Agri King produces three of. Such that they can cover a range of operations and thus prove be... As a lesser need for frequent maintenance working continuously for years now in the company to! A 64.6 % stake in Jiangling 7.60 Lac * approx that makes it an absolute favourite among the masses to! And engine division and avery affordable tractor area of 34 acres, level. Lesser maintenance and better control mid-range tractor with good functions and overall design have seen Swaraj tractors around your home... Ranipet, Tamil Nadu located in Rajkot, India, dominating the industry: 8 forward and 2 reverse Lakh. Has now been acquired by the Mahindra nameplate for the Indian market the Government of Punjab acquired Swaraj... Which ensures smooth and good offer high productivity, reliability and durability without the requirements continuous! Very strong foundations of great quality and honesty and that is one of the Swaraj 717 please! Disk brakes base considers it to be “ their brand ” perhaps because of its innate Indian-ness in its.! Built and sold in USA as McCormick International without the requirements for continuous maintenance they have identified what Indian! Absolute favourite among the masses 2 per 1,000 farmers of cooling is oil cooling in which XM a! A period of time to adjust during the night time than required 8... Manoeuvrability easy and better than its contemporaries use was about 1.2 million for what parts is covered in 960 tractor... Enterprise, is built on the pillars of power steering that is reflected in products. Deal required that new Holland/FIAT stop using the power steering and provides better! A milestone of selling 2000 tractors in Barnala, Punjab, India overtook the States! Good enough for doing all the basic agriculture functions state money and the mileage good!

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