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In Red Dead Redemption, Bill uses Winchester Repeater and doesn’t carry any sidearm at all. Considering how his life went downhill each time he lost an authority figure - after the death of his father, after his discharge and after the collapse of the gang - it is clear that he relies on someone else to direct his life for him, and he isn't an independent person. Read Bill from the story RDR2 Chat Room (COMPLETED) by MargaretFrye___ (Adrien is Blind) with 102 reads. After an encounter with the O'Driscolls, a former member of the rival gang tries to defect, but Dutch and the others don't trust him. Instead, Escuella … He was bitter due to the fact that she chose John over him. RDR2 doesn’t give the same consideration to Micah. His second in command, Norman Deek, is captured alive. Not to mention our comprehensive cheat codes section. Bill is one of the gang members who Dutch sends to track down Arthur if he has spent a long time away from the camp. Bill joins up with the assault against the kidnappers' manor. What actually happened to them after the end of the last chapter before the epilogue? Bill Williamson is seemingly the least educated member of the former Van der Linde Gang, often bringing up John's low opinion of his intelligence ("You always did think I was an idiot.") It shows what happened to Bill, Javier, and Dutch. This shows the beginning of Dutch becoming more violent. Bill remained in New Austin and started his new gang, a band of vicious outlaws fuelled by his own violent tendencies created by his disappointment in Dutch. With Uncle's stagecoach robbery ending in disaster, Bill takes it upon himself to plan another one, and he does so successfully. Bill first appears after the gang has settled into their temporary camp in Colter, where he gets into a heated argument with Micah. A throwaway comment associating Native Americans with 'savagery' prompts Dutch to berate him. Bill, now the leader of his own gang, was operating out of Fort Mercer. After fighting through a throng of mercenaries, the trio hides out in an abandoned barn, but their opponents find them and light the building on fire, with the goal of either springing them out or killing them via incineration. After raiding the camp, Dutch hatches a plan to rob the Cornwall train, which was what the O'Driscolls had originally planned. Bill’s main weapon is the Bolt Action Rifle, even though he carry a custom Schofield Revolver with a brown steel frame, he rarely uses that. During the escape, he ends up in the group with Dutch, Javier, Micah, Javier and Arthur. So get your pen and paper handy! But one could argue that it’s this way because he’s not the main protagonist in the story, unlike John in the original game. Soon after, a member of Bill's gang informs the Marshal that they hold Bonnie MacFarlane hostage and will kill her if Deek is not returned to them in Tumbleweed. RDR2 is one of the rare times that a prequel adds a lot of relevant context to a world. During Bill’s time in the Van der Linde gang, he was extremely loyal to Dutch and the gang, and was a respected member. Once the gang has moved to a new camping location, Dutch swindles local Sheriff Leigh Gray into deputizing him, Bill and Arthur after the latter helped the Sheriff round up some escaped prisoners. RDR2: Weird Facts About Bill Williamson Everyone Completely Missed. He himself volunteered to assault Braithwaite manor in order to rescue Jack Marston and he allegedly had a strong bond with his own horse. Drawn to the idealistic views of Dutch, he became deeply invested in the gang leader's vision for the West. Bill wasn't able to board the moving train. Prior to joining the Van der Linde Gang, Bill served in the military before becoming an outlaw. Bill ends up in a large firefight with reinforcements sent by the Raiders. Kieran reveals anything they ask of him, so the torture is belayed, and Bill accompanies John and Arthur when they investigate the hideout he directed them towards. Bill survived the Pinkerton ambush, and escaped with the rest of the gang into the snowy Grizzlies in North Ambarino, near the abandoned town of Colter. Unlike Dutch and Bill, Javier isn't even part of a gang, let alone having one under his command. Bill will start his own gang and javier will go back to mexico. Bill's birth name being Marion may be a reference to iconic Western actor John Wayne, whose birth name was Marion Mitchell Morrison. At some point, Bill joined the Army and was assigned to the 15th infantry. During the Saint Denis bank robbery, he wears a square-patterned grey suit, and during his time in Guarma, his jacket is missing and he wears a white shirt with braces with the same grey-patterned trousers. He takes Bill, as well as Hosea and Arthur with him to the party. Obviously it would make sense that Charles and Sadie could still be alive since they were newer members and might not have been known by the government, but Trelawney and Pearson were both riding with the gang for years. But tbh, it’s a typecast. Bill became both respected and feared by the people as well as the criminals of New Austin throughout his life as a criminal. When the gang reunites at the camp, they mourn Sean but are only given little time to do so, as Jack Marston has been kidnapped by the Braithwaites. Often, some bounty hunters may capture Bill. The first one is just more FUN to play! As deputies, Arthur and Bill team up with legitimate deputy Archibald MacGregor to shut down a moonshine operation run by another group of outlaws, the Lemoyne Raiders. Even though he manages to lead a gang after 1907, he is highly violent and embodies precisely what both he and Dutch aimed to avoid - a ruthless and cruel criminal who is driven solely by greed and aggression. Lenny, Charles, John and Javier do the same thing. Their plan is for Bill to act like a drunkard near the road as a distraction before attacking the vehicle, which Arthur then attacks from above. Bill, alongside Sadie and Arthur, stage a defense and drive off the lawmen. They set the barn on fire but John manages to save the horses. John and Marshal Johnson ride to the Farm to clear out the gang members and save the survivors. Bill Williamson is playable in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer with the Liars and Cheats DLC. Bill and Arthur placed the dynamite at the train tracks, but the detonator malfunctioned forcing the gang to chase the locomotive. There, they fight a group of O'Driscoll thugs. In Mexico, John gets mixed up with a local civil war and initially sides with Colonel Allende, however the Colonel ends up betraying him. The Marshal's men, with John's help, wipe out the gang members but Bill manages to flee back to Fort Mercer. RDR is better than 2. In 1911, Javier helps Bill to escape to Mexico, knowing that John can be drawn towards him too, putting his life in danger. One of the bandits who followed Williamson was Norman Deek. Bill became ruthless, power-hungry, greedy, self-serving and amoral. If you didn't get all of the satchel upgrades and clothing as Arthur Morgan in RDR2, you should definitely do so after completing the game.Fashion and cosmetics are one of the most fun qualities of just about any open-world or RPG game, and RDR2 is no different.. Everyone has their own version of John Marston/Arthur Morgan, and you should definitely feel free to catch your own. Later, when Uncle plans a stagecoach robbery, Bill is one of the gang members on the team. The baldness can also be seen by shooting off his hat, or by playing. Following the ensuing battle, they find a way back to the mainland. In Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer, most of the quotes by Bill seems to be directed towards John. RDR1 covers this in detail through the main storyline. Bill recounts one time when he was robbed by a cross-dressed posing as a woman. After they plan it out, Arthur and Lenny join up with them to execute the plan. Read Celina x Bill (2) from the story RDR2 Imagines by VanDerLinde87 with 623 reads. Born in 1866, Bill is 45 years old during the events of Red Dead Redemption (though he looks much older). Bill is a heavy set, muscular mand. Bill and the others fight their way out of the burning barn and are forced to shoot through even more mercenaries before escaping. During his time in the gang, Bill would suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to his time in the army. Despite the attack being beaten back, the gang realized that can't stay in that location any longer. This basically added on to his already present insecurities. John approached the Fort and attempted to persuade Bill to give himself up without a fight, but the disillusioned outlaw refused, mocking John for what Bill saw as turncoat betrayal. Born in 1866, Bill is 45 years old during the events of Red Dead Redemption (though he looks much older). Bill tells the reason for joining Dutch’s gang and his cause is that he saw what power could do to people while he was in the army. You learn about it in RDR1. You can find their stories in red dead redemption 1. In Red Dead Redemption the pin which holds Bill’s hat up is a symbol of the Freemasons (The square and the compasses), but in Red Dead Redemption 2, the pin is a U.S Cavalry Isignia. Bill: Well, if I knew, it wouldn’t have happened a second time! Their plans change when the ship is damaged in a storm and sinks off the coast of Guarma. After returning to the USA, Bill discovers the location where those members who stayed behind set up camp. Once Bill finds Arthur, the player has the option to. Prior to joining the Van der Linde Gang, Bill served in the military before becoming an outlaw. Initially angry, Bill was later cheered up by his would-be victim and offered a spot on the gang, giving his life purpose and direction, and well as a group of allies and friends to rely on. He lived rough for the next two years or so, drinking heavily and robbing people on the highway. Bill is the least successful in his task, as he uncovers no usable leads while the other three men do. But in RDR1, he turns into a degenerate murder and rapist. And while some story DLC would be great, Matt isn't counting on it! What REALLY Happened To Charles Smith After You Beat Red Dead Redemption 2? Things go south, however, ending in the deaths of Hosea and Lenny, due to an ambush set by the Pinkertons. The deserter, Kieran, is interrogated, in which Bill partakes. Feeling eager to know more about the RDR2? At this point, the Williamson gang had lost almost all of its members, its hideout and now its leader, essentially forcing them to disband. What happened to Trelawney and Pearson? Most of the gang, Bill included, side with Micah against Arthur, however the standoff is interrupted by the arrival of the Pinkertons. After planting some dynamite on the route of the stagecoach, they wait for it to arrive before detonating the explosives. Following the collapse of the Van Der Linde gang, Bill manages to escape incarceration. Meanwhile, Micah found a different lead, based on which he planned out a stagecoach robbery. My stranger mission: The Ties That Bind Us, with the chain-gang members Mr. Black and Mr. White, is bugged, and I cannot continue to part 2 of the mission. By 1911, if not before, he and his gang are the last true group of outlaws operating in the New Austin area and are feared throughout the region. Drawn to the idealistic views of Dutch, he became deeply invested in the gang leader's vision for the West. He stays in contact with Javier, who is also at large but moves to Mexico. Sometime later, Bill is enjoying a drink with Charles, Javier and later Arthur while hanging around Valentine. Javier then asks Arthur to go help free him. Bill, alongside his fellow gang members, help fight off the assault and succeed. did they just disappear? By 1911, Bill is shown as being mostly bald, with a little bit of hair left along with a bushy beard having patches of grey. Arthur would have killed Micah, and possibly Dutch, and they would have dissapeared somewhere else. It’s not difficult to figure out what likely happened with Bill Barr. He isn't particularly cautious or mindful of his actions. Upon taking the captured outlaw to the agreed location, Bill's gang ambushes John, killing Deek in the process while preparing to hang Bonnie. He has brown hair and a bushy beard. Eventually they are ready for the attack, which goes smoothly resulting in almost the entire gang being wiped out. Palmer added that John was once a positive influence for Bill but that was diminished once John left the gang which caused Bill to “tailspin out of control” without John’s moral support. For those gamers who love 'Red Dead Redemption 2', we are going to be discussing those important details and a bit of background that will help you along the way in finding out all you can about Dutch Van Der Linde. Bill will start his own gang and javier will go back to mexico. Unbeknownst to the gang, the lies which got some of them deputized are realized by Sheriff Gray, and previous tangles with the Gray family result in a disastrous job - Bill, Sean, Arthur and Micah are called in by the Gray to Rhodes under the guise of offering more work, but this turns out to be a trap. He also became a disloyal coward, which is likely due to being paranoid. Things are different now, John. There are a lot of easter eggs in RDR2 that you miss without having played the original. During his service, he fought in various conflicts against Native Americans, but was dishonorably discharged in 1892 with deviancy and attempted murder listed as causes. Dutch is clearly losing his grip, and Arthur and John are openly accusing him of leading the gang astray. He’s clearly portrayed at the villain, and by the game’s end, there appear to be no redeeming qualities about him. Palmer also stated that Bill was jealous of Abigail’s relationship with John. We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. Or, if players don’t react in time, Reyes will do the deed. What Happened In Red Dead Redemption? One day in 1894, he tried to rob … At one point, he was robbed by a \"woman\" (implied to be a cross-dresser). Bill Williamson first appeared as a secondary antagonist in the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption and returns as a supporting character in Red Dead Redemption 2, where he is a member of the Van der Linde Gang. Bill Watterson was born on July 5, 1958, in Washington, D.C. In spite of the tension, the group still needed to stage some robberies to fund itself. With the first trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 dropping tomorrow - and the hype train leaving the station - here's a round-up of what we know so far from what little Rockstar has released and what we expect. Ever since the original Red Dead Redemption was released back in 2010 and swiftly completed by Matt he has been eagerly anticipating another return to the Wild West. Accompanied by Tilly Jackson and Arthur, they manage to make off with a large amount of cash. After they regroup and stage a rescue, Bill is tasked with staying behind, protecting an injured Javier. Bill Williamson, similar to Javier, is last seen running away from the Pinkertons as they encroach on the gang’s camp. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Bill was a skilled rifleman and explosives expert due to his military service. Bill and John take Kieran back to the camp. Bill wasn't particularly skilled at robbery, so the gang leader simply laughed at his attempt. In addition to that, both Bill in the game and “John Wayne” in real life considered their names to be the source of embarrassment. Bill always sent his own men to fight John and never directly fought him. User Info: ninjaman44. View entire discussion ( 3 comments) More posts from the reddeadredemption community. His whereabouts at the end of the game aren’t explicitly mentioned, but he later goes on to form his own gang. Pretty much from the jump in RDR2, you know Arthur's fate. They took him to the doctor in Armadillo who removed the bullet from his torso for $15 which Bonnie paid. What Happened Between RDR2 and Red Dead Redemption. In an interview with Retroplayer, Steve J. Palmer, the voice actor of Bill Williamson, compared the relationship between John Marston and Bill Williamson to that of siblings, with Dutch being more of a “parental figure”. When John finally gets to Escuella, there's no exciting gun duel or Mexican standoff. His lack of morals seemingly contradicts his being drawn to. Marion Williamson was born in 1866 to an unknown mother and an unnamed alcoholic father. His preference of rifles most likely originates due to his time spent in the army where rifle was his primary weapon, and since he did not use revolver a lot, he would have less experience with it. He is frustrated by this, and later expresses his hatred for the party. Bill then attempts to feint John by claiming to surrender and come with him to Blackwater willingly, but he quickly reaches for his pistol at which point either John or Reyes shoots him down. ... and Bill Williamson. They went to Mexico. RDR2 RP: how to get involved in some Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplay. Dutch plans on attending in order to gain some new leads on jobs. It does it well. Javier, however, doesn't escape the soldiers. After a job went awry in 1906 and the gang left one of their own behind (John Marston), Dutch grew increasingly unhinged unt… Bill, alongside most of the other, sticks up for the gang leader and becomes suspicious of the two opposers, thinking in particular that John may be a traitor. Bill is among those who assault the camp, and he is later seen looting an abandoned house for supplies that gang needs. When later Angelo Bronte's deception is revealed, Dutch brings Bill with him to attack the crime lord's mansion. He is always driven to prove himself to the gang and always ends up falling a bit short due to his lack of intelligence and recklessness. He sometimes wear a long brown jacket along with a hat pinned on one side.

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